There’s something every person at Snopro can’t seem to stop raving about. 

You may think, fresh snow dump? Staff sesh up the mountain? That would have everyone buzzing for sure, but surprisingly it’s our recent stocking of a certain brand that is cause for the drooling mouths. 

Black Crows Skis.

If you’re an avid skier yourself you have more than likely heard of them. If you haven’t, let’s get you onto something special. You can now rent Black Crows Skis with Snopro Ski Hire Queenstown and Wanaka. 

Why Black Crows Skis?

Everyone has their favourite brands they can’t seem to stop going back to time and time again for the products they make. (Let’s be honest, we have all become a slight consumer addict on the odd occasion. If not, BIG kudos to you.)

But there are only a few companies I can name that have an exceptional brand identity that will lure you in beyond the products. Black Crow Skis is most certainly guilty of this. 

It’s unclear how they have managed it, but I have an inkling it’s behind what it feels like to sport one of their skis. 

And I’m not talking about the technical elements that help them perform on the slopes (although useful indeed,) but the promise in what it means to don the playful Camox, vivacious Captis, or one of Black Crows other bad boys while carving or schussing down the mountain. 

To be a rebel, be bold, and experience freedom. 

Of course we wanted to get in on this, it may be wishful thinking but I’m sure the whole Snopro team likes to think that there’s a badass inside just waiting to be awoken. (Well maybe not but the idea is nice.) And while we may or may not have that rebellious streak, certainly some of you do, which is why we were so amped to give you a little taste of what it will feel like to be as free as a… Crow?

Rent Black Crows Skis with Snopro Ski Hire Queenstown and Wanaka

The Nitty Gritty 

Keeping Queenstown and Wanaka slope behaviours in mind, we have snatched up a number of skis to add to our rental fleet, you can now hire the Black Crow Camox and Black Crow Captis as well as their female Birdie partners, the Camox Birdie and Captis Birdie for all you adventurous lassies out there. 

Black Crows Camox

This vibrant red ski is perfect for those free-riding days. Stiffer and wider than the Captis, the Camox will be the reliable companion you need when you want to ski the entire mountain, on or off-piste it is just that good.  The Snopro team recently went skiing at Treble Cone and discussed the Black Crows Camox Hire Ski here.

The double rocker design coupled with the medium camber underfoot makes for great maneuverability and pivot, a dream for smearing turns. Whilst the medium-long side-cut offers incredible stability at high speeds for all you speed demons out there. 

Charge or carve, the choice is yours with this multifaceted gem. 

Black Crows Camox Ski



Black Crows Captis

An energetic all-mountain ski that has the same listening capabilities as the team at Snopro…(Will give you your undivided attention of course.) 

On one hand, the narrow waist results in responsive edge-to-edge transitions, which one could argue is quicker than the blink of an eye. With an 18m turning radius, carving comes fast and easy. On the other hand, the medium classic camber with a moderate ski to snow contact creates stability so the rider can stay confident in their choices however daring. 

Whether you’re riding and dropping down the steep slopes or carving up a storm, do your best.  What your body wills, the Captis will embrace.

Black Crows Captis Ski


Experience Nothing But The BEST 

We know that sometimes ski hire can be rough. To first wait in long lines, to then feel like a tourist on the mountain sporting some painfully obvious rental skis that barely do the job. Anything less than ideal. Which is why we continuously aim to change the game. 

Not to be cocky, but we are not rated NZ’s best ski hire company for nothing. 

Skip the lines with Snopro’s delivery service, (because first off, which sort of badass would be caught dead in a line.) You can read more about our hassle-free delivery service here.

Secondly, experience first-hand some quality rental gear that won’t hold you back but rather be that driving force you need to get creative and push limits. 

Last but not least take flight, rent Black Crow Skis on request through our Premier Package now.


Black Crows Skis in action

[avatar] Author: Millie Simpson