The Tweener Series is perfect for growing skiers who are advancing their ability over the whole mountain.

Introducing the new Tweener range for 2018. A ski setup for advancing young skiers that need a whole lot more from their gear. It’s no secret that children are fast learners, even more so when it comes to skiing.


No fear, high gear.


So it stands to reason that they need equipment to match their evolving age and ability each year. A simple kids ski isn’t going to help them progress any further or provide maximum enjoyment. Whilst a full adult ski may be unwieldy and perhaps dangerous.

In our experience, one serious challenge in getting the right people on the right equipment is within the 7 to 16 years old category. Many skiers this age are experienced and strong skiers. Often children’s skis don’t cut the mustard while a burly adult’s ski just doesn’t feel right.

The Tweener ski provides instant progression and enjoyment. Twintip, quality skis add the performance your young ripper needs. Book now.

Is the Tweener Series suitable?

We now carry a range of skis in this series up to 168cms in length, including the Rossignol Sprayer and Atomic Punx for 2018.

Every shredder will be stoked with a tweener ski.

Twin-tips keep the next-generation freestylers rockin.

Stiffer camber allows for satisfying speed demon carves on morning groomers.

Plus a little bit of width opens up the whole mountain when it’s time to start exploring.

They look awesome too, with rugged funky graphics that even impress the snow divas.

Why we’re bringing you the Tweener ski package?

“It’s something that I’ve seen a growing demand for. Now we’ve got children who have grown up every year using our equipment” explains Snopro founder Justin.

“They come back year on year and a lot of them are awesome shredders now, so we really wanted something to suit.”

“Plus my own kid is ripping around on skis now and he’s getting too good for a junior setup. Basically, why would I expect customers to ski on something I wouldn’t put my own kid on.”


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