Spring skiing in New Zealand, yes, please

I’m skipping work and going skiing

Will you join me?

Not that you should need persuading

As there are at least 5 unarguable well thought out reasons


Empty slopes

It’s a little-known secret that spring skiing is a secret. By this, I mean that you only know its awesome if you’ve experienced spring skiing. To the uninitiated, it is not a thing. Sunny warm weather and skiing don’t go together. You can’t possibly go for a few laps in the morning and work on your pre-summer tan over lunch. Er, wrong.  In fact, for many skiers and snowboarders, it represents the best part of the season. The slopes are a ghost town as the season slows down. The busy peak week school holidays are gone and the ‘serious’ skiers have packed up as soon as the powder dried up. Pick the right time of day and you’ll have whole groomers to yourself gleaming with velvet snow.

Sun. Sun. Sun

Fairweather skiers rejoice once the cold winds are replaced with longer warmer days. The biting cold relents to warm the soul and beam across the white reflective mountain tops. It’s time to shun the excess balaclavas, leather gloves, and weighty down jackets. Grab your favorite hoodie and sunnies on the way to your favorite hangout. The bright elating tingle of the forthcoming summer months fills our hearts. The happy summer vibe combines with a first love, snow.

Its the best time to learn

Beginners are treated to the best time of the ski season to learn their first turns. For starters the snow is soft. The threat of crushing bruises on bulletproof icy slopes is gone, replaced by a chance to plunge down into the snow to cool off. Adding to this, the empty spring slopes are perfect for families to make their first adventures. There’s still the odd out of control idiot about but, happily, they’re spread out along the wide open mountain. You won’t be picking your way through ski schools and strewn bodies. The snow is all yours to enjoy with added peace and tranquility.

Slush is lush

Spring snow often draws moans from the unimaginative, the thought of heavy slushy moguls is too much for some to bare. But for others, it brings new life to their pursuits. Snowboarders glee at the thought of slashing slush around the hill, particularly if they can annoy skiers in the process. Terrain parks become 10x more fun in the spring, once again the threat of bulletproof landings is replaced by thick smush to indulge in. If you’re willing, off-piste creates a refreshing appeal with a soft top layer that wipes away the final icy tracks of deep winter.

Picnic time baby

Everywhere becomes a picnic spot. Every peak, every rock, every bench. Remember the days of driving snow with what I like to call ‘steam room’ visibility? You head into the nearest cafe for some rest bite, to warm up and dry off. Only to be greeted with a humid sodden waiting area that resembles a local leisure swimming pool. But everyone is wearing thermally lined clothing. Sod that, suns out, tops off. Pack a couple sarnies, a few beers and pick your view. (or just a banana if you accidentally ate your lunch on the morning drive…)


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