As a web-based business online testimonials are a great way to gauge customer experience.

We take all comments to heart especially any bad feedback we receive.

2018 has seen some major improvements to the Snopro service. New equipment categories introduced, enhanced booking engines developed and our own in-house tuning setup to make sure we have full control over all elements of the business. Each one directly added after agonising over customer feedback.


Because we pride ourself on providing awesome service.

That includes every part of customer experience, equipment quality and simplicity. Snopro ski hire aims to provide seamless hassle-free service from initial booking to ski collection, year on year. We want to maximize your holiday time by providing the world’s most convenient ski hire all the while providing an ‘Awesome’ level of personalized care.

We’ve even spent time redesigning cards to help gain your response and ultimately better serve you.

The feedback is starting to come in for this season and it is fair to say we’re pretty stoked at how much customers love our Wanaka and Queenstown ski hire service.


We’d really appreciate it if you could spread the word about our unique service. Every recommendation means the world to us, especially to your skiing friends and family.

Tell the world about us on Google or Tripadvisor with an honest review of the service!

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