Could this be the world’s most advanced ski hire booking engine?

At Snopro Ski Hire in New Zeland, our aim is to provide ‘Awesome’ service. 

This should not just begin when you open your door to our ski rental technicians. 

We like to look at our service as a whole from the first moment you engage until collection of your rental gear, and to make it as hassle free as possible.

Over the summer we spent a majority of time developing, what we like to think is the most advanced booking engine in our industry.  Our new system incorporates a ‘Preemptive Selection Algorithm’ and a ‘Virtual Assistant’.  Why? 

To speed up the booking process, and to help with decision making by providing informative suggestions.  To make a booking now takes around 45 seconds a person, with less errors and perfect product selection. Try it out for yourself!

The ‘Preemptive Selection‘ component drastically speeds up the input of your personal measurements and is now more accurate.  We have taken 8 years of Snopro data plus your gender and age and our new system will actively start moving the choices of height, weight and foot size to be within the most common parameters.  No more drop downs and your exact sizing should be presented in front of you in nearly all instances.

The ‘Virtual Assistant‘ component improves customer experience based on informative suggestions that will ensure you are on the best ski rental equipment.  Our system now looks at your age, gender, ability and if you wish to ski and board, then removes all irrelevant products.  The ‘VA’ then provides personalised information about your ‘Best Choice’.  Decisions made easy!

We have designed it around ‘touchscreen’ functionality and it works almost better on a cell phone than a ‘mouse’ driven PC ensuring ease of use for years to come as our habits shift to mobile from desktop.

This from one user 😉 ...’I tried on Desktop and on Mobile and really I am impressed, it’s beautiful, you feel it breathes and it’s professional.’Summers are never a time to ‘sit on our hands’ at Snopro, we enjoy the challenge of developing our service and questioning what can be done in order to serve you better.

Winter 2018 is just about 2 weeks away, we are excited to welcome back our existing customers to who rent ski hire in Queenstown and Wanaka and to exceed ‘expected’ service levels to all.  With freezing cold temps and plenty of snow on the hills we are hoping for a cracker this year!


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