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What was the worst thing about your last NZ ski holiday, probably the end or maybe when you step foot back in the office for the first time. The realization that you can’t shred a few laps in the sun before stopping for an 11am beer.

The annual ski trip is done and it’s a long twelve months until the next time around. Of course, you could use a few more of those well earned holiday days for another ski trip. But those days are precious, maybe too precious to waste when summer is on the way.

What if you could slide away for an extra ski trip, without using holiday time. And what if no one noticed you were gone, even the boss. I think there might be a way.

The first thing I need you to do is to pick your dates and book your flights. Commit, give yourself something to look forward too. Choose to fly Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening, guaranteeing two full ski days. Perhaps even a Friday night ski.

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You’re probably going to need an excuse to leave the office a little early on a Friday plus leave yourself some wiggle room on Monday morning for any travel delays.

Well, what if your family are coming to visit for the weekend arriving, conveniently, on Friday afternoon. You’re going to need to meet them at the airport… or give you an excuse to be at the airport.

Once you’re on that plane and in the air, it’s time to live that dream again. Enjoy the views as you descend out of the clouds into the awe-inspiring Queenstown landscape.

Got the urge to get some laps in late on Friday or you’ve only managed to arrive early Saturday morning? That’s where Snopro can help. We’ve delivered and fitted ski equipment to all manner of places. Airport arrivals, car hire depots, at the side of dusty ski access roads.

Snopro’s unique ski rental delivery service is setup up to maximize one thing. Your holiday time. Which is pretty important for a sneaky ski trip. So we can fit your ski hire in Queenstown in almost any location!

Time to go skiing

Now all you’ve got to do is go skiing. Just be sure to watch your social media output if you told a few white lies to slip away. You can still throw up a few Instagram posts but be sure to include a #tbt or #throwback to make it appear you are just reminiscing. Rather than ducking out of work and skipping a social engagement.

Ski a full Sunday until the legs wobble and the lifts eerily grind to a halt. Whip your ski boots off and head straight to the airport where Snopro will be waiting to grab your equipment. As you may have guessed, we happily collect equipment from anywhere. Gas stations, car rental centres or the airport car park. You name the time and place.

In fact, you never even have to venture into town. Especially by booking some accommodation like The Sherwood or Ramada Hotel, have your ski rental delivered and get direct access to The Remarkables ski field.

There’s only one hole left in the plan… what if your flight is cancelled? How are you going to explain being late on Monday morning? Well, remember your ‘family’ that are in town. You weren’t going to let them make their own way to the airport. Once again giving you cover should a colleague see you in the terminal.

That’s it. Success. You’ve ditched a few hours of work, dodged your friend’s basket weaving evening and been skiing.


Just a few loose ends to tie up:

  • Cover up. Don’t get an awkward goggle tan
  • Hide any injuries/skiing wear and tear
  • Don’t use work computers for booking anything
  • Avoid ski socks hanging out of your pocket
  • Try not to give it all up and become a ski bum (optional)
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