Ski Rental can SUCK.

It can.

It really really can.

Here’s nine reasons why. (And why were on a mission to remove this pain of ski rental Queenstown and Wanaka.)

1. Queues. You get the pleasure of queuing to experience ski hire.

2. Carrying the gear through town. Nice relaxing holiday…

3. Smelly Boots. EWWWWWW!!

4. Poor Service. The shop staff just want to ski and hate you for no reason.

5. Old rubbish equipment that doesn’t work properly.

6. Nothing Fits. Deal with it.

7. You Look Goofy. ‘It’s not a fashion contest’ YES IT IS.

8. OH, you’re still queuing? Bye, bye ski time.

9. All you really wanted was to go skiing with the squad and look effortless on Instagram.

Snopro’s unique ski rental delivery service guarantee – queue free, custom fitted, good-looking, high-quality equipment with awesome customer service all in the comfort of your luxury accommodation. We even collect the gear at the end of your ski holiday! Check out TripAdvisor for what others this of the service., 


Why Choose Snopro?

  • Forget rental shop hassles

  • Zero paperwork, just book online

  • Quality equipment, latest models

  • Free delivery, pick-up and support

  • Boots are fitted in your accommodation

  • Rent and do away with exce$$ baggage

  • Personal service, experienced staff


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