I’m an Aussie, and one thing we love is a steak dinner. Now I’m not talking your $10 a kg BBQ Steak, but something a little more ‘high end’ maybe a Fillet or gut popping Rib Eye, the kind of cut that makes you nervous to throw on the grill. ‘Damn was it 4 minutes the first side and 3 minutes the second, or vice-versa? Do I push down on it with my tongs? Can I stab it to see if it’s done?’ Ultimately I often resort to the safest bet, trust it to a chef and head out to a restaurant or pub…..

Now here’s the dilemma. ‘Restaurant or Pub?’

My Father In-law would often choose to have it at a kind of ‘Flash Pub’ (I let him choose ‘cause he usually paid), the type of ‘Pub’ that had an impressive dining room, lots of brass, hardwood furniture and ghastly carpet.  Now six of us would usually sit for dinner…for about a minute.  Then, ‘who’s going for drinks?’ …Then, ‘let’s get up and order’.  Some ‘Flash Pubs’ even wanted you to pay for a raw Rib-Eye and cook it yourself! (What I wanted to avoid in the first place!) The whole reason to go out for dinner was to sit down and spend some quality family time catching up on the weeks’ events. Now we are away from the table every time we need a drink, ordering food or worse, cooking it!  Now that Rib Eye still costs me (or my father in-law) restaurant prices, and the drinks we are fetching are not at a discount for having to get them ourselves either. 

I prefer the restaurant.  Sure I won’t get the steak any cheaper, but what we get is added value in the service.  ‘Can I get your table some drinks?’, ‘can I take your order sir?’, ‘let me get you the bill.’ A meal out is more than the food, it’s the service that is equally important to the experience.  If I am going to pay $40 bucks for a steak, there is no way in hell I am going to cook it myself, let alone get up from the table!

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