Ahhh skiing.

It’s awesome.

You know it and I know it.

But you may still be deciding if/when/where to take a holiday this winter.

Should you even be enjoying a ski holiday with everything that’s going on in the world?

So many questions. That’s really been the story of 2020 so far hasn’t it, questions?

Ok, let me put to you the case for going skiing this winter, and not feeling guilty about it.

Keep reading to find your reason to go skiing and snowboarding or even an all-round action-packed Queenstown winter holiday.


Outdoor Activity Benefits Your Mental Health

Outdoor activity offers a literally never-ending list of health benefits, especially since you’ve been cooped up at home for months. Your mental health improves dramatically from exploring the outdoors – stress and anxiety reduce, you sleep better, your mood improves… Did you know memory even improves from outdoor activities?

And skiing is one of the best of all outdoor activities as you channel your mind into each turn, feel the changing snow under your feet and live in the moment embracing your instincts. Plus there’s something inexplicably awe-inspiring about surrounding yourself among the vastness of mountains.


Skiing has always been the Perfect Holiday for Social Distancing

I mean it’s pretty hard to ski within 2 metres of someone… at least you shouldn’t be doing this anyway.  With no restrictions on gatherings now in Level 1 you can assemble your ski crew and enjoy the ski areas of Queenstown and Wanaka. Out on the mountain, there’s plenty of space to enjoy your own little slice heaven. If anyone gets too close you’re already wearing goggles, face mask and gloves! Snopro even helps you avoid busy ski shops and lift ticket queues!

Life is Uncertain

One thing we can all agree on is – the future is uncertain. I mean even in January it would be unthinkable for us all to be confined to our homes, businesses closed and, well, everything else. So shouldn’t you do something while you still can? Who knows what’s around the corner.

We weren’t even sure if any skiing would happen in 2020. So it’s time to savour every turn like it’s your last… too dramatic? You should enjoy your time in the mountains that little bit more though.

So if you’re thinking whether to try skiing for the first time, enjoy your cherished annual ski holiday or not sure it’s a good idea. I’m asking you, why not?

Life is uncertain, time for an adventure.


Affordable Accommodation

Unfortunately, less people will be skiing this year especially with international travel restrictions in place. That means you’ve got an opportunity to snap up a crazy good deal this winter. And don’t feel guilty about it as you’ll be supporting domestic tourism and local businesses in Queenstown and Wanaka.

You can check out our favourite places to stay for your ski holiday in Queenstown and in Wanaka.


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