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How is this service more convenient?

Traditionally renting requires driving or getting transport to a rental store, finding a park, lining up, filling out paperwork, and returning to the store with any issues and to return your equipment. With Snopro you can forget about all of that! We conveniently come to you at your accommodation for fitting, service and pick up, simple, smart!

What's your minimum rental period?

Our minimum rental is 2 days. Do you really only want to ski for 1 day anyway?

Do you have a shop?

A shop? What for? We bring the complete shop to you when you want, where you want.

Why should I rent from you?

We all value ease and convenience in our lives, and this is especially more important when you're on holidays. Snopro offers the most convenient, customer focused, rental solution there is. With premium equipment and competitive pricing, it really is a no brainer.

I am booking on behalf of my family/friends/groups, what information will I need to complete a reservation?

The information you will need to complete a booking for each renter is: Name, Age, Height, Weight, Shoe Size, Skier Ability, Ski or Snowboard package they require, and any additional items they need. If you have all of that info you are good to go online or call to book. If you need to get these details from everyone we have a simple reservation info sheet you can print out here (Excel format). With the information you have collected you can then complete your online booking or choose to email it through and we will do the booking for you!

What are your Terms and Conditions?

  • Minimum rental period is 2 consecutive days
  • Snopro offer 10% off 5 or more days of consecutive rentals and discount is applied to rental items only
  • Snopro will fully refund all monies paid if booking is cancelled with 48 hours notice. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours
  • notice, Snopro reserves the right to a 10% cancellation charge on total booking amount
  • All prices listed are in New Zealand Dollars and inclusive of GST (15%)
  • We charge the outstanding balance on bookings (if any) only after delivery is made and renter(s) are satisfied
  • We do not charge for deliveries made after 1pm for that day
  • Refunds will be made for mountain closures (both Remarkables and Coronet Peak), injury or illness (accompanied with a doctors certificate), flight cancellations or full day flight delays
  • Rental charge is based on total rental period, not actual days used
  • A discount of $4.00 per day is applied if own boots are supplied
  • The renter can swap between equipment or packages, you will be charged the difference for an upgrade. No refunds given to downgrade.
  • Insurance is charged at $4.00 per day, per person and covers accidental damage only. Malicious damage or total loss (theft or other) is not covered. Minimum charge for damaged equipment is $75.00

What if my boots don't fit?

Our vans are our mobile rental store. We keep a complete stock of all size boots in our van.

What is the Deluxe Boot Upgrade?

Whilst our standard boot is built for comfort it must be of softer construction to do this. We introduced a 'Deluxe Boot' upgrade to increase performance by reducing flex over the standard boot and adding comfort by supporting the foot and arch with an aftermarket insulated foot bed by Sidas. We offer this boot to more experienced skiers only.

Can I swap between skiing and snowboarding or to a different package?

Yes you can swap, as long as the new package does not exceed the cost of the package you originally purchased, if so we simply charge the difference.

Can we have our delivery and pick up at different addresses?

Absolutely! At no cost. Starting at Queenstown, finishing in Wanaka? or vice-versa? Our service covers you in all locations - Queenstown, Wanaka and everywhere in between.

So you come to me for delivery, fit out, support and pick up? This must cost extra right?

Wrong, in fact because we don't pay a premium for rental space in town we have reduced overheads, this enables us to keep our prices competitive and even cheaper than on mountain rentals.

Where do you deliver?

To any accommodation from Wanaka to Queenstown including Cardrona and Arrowtown. Further out? just email or call and we can tailor a special delivery.

Can my delivery be the afternoon before I ski/ride?

Sure! Makes sense to be organized! You won't be charged another day for deliveries made from 1pm onwards.

I put down a time for delivery between 5-6pm, when will you be here?

We will arrive closer to 5pm. We will call before your delivery to confirm the time of your delivery still works.

How does Ski pass delivery work?

Snopro are authorised resellers of Cardrona Alpine Resorts, offering passes for Treble Cone and Cardrona Ski Areas. We charge no more than at the ticket window and passes are ready and activated for use. Due to the non-refundable nature of all lift passes we do not take any payment until delivery. This allows for changes you may need to make from your initial booking without cost.

I want to take a day off skiing. Do I get a refund?

We offer 10% off with 5+ day rentals, this is to factor into the cost that you may take a day off. You are welcome to make 2 separate bookings (taking into consideration the 2 day minimum rental) if you will be taking a break from skiing

What is your cancellation policy?

Risk-Free Rentals! At Snopro we understand the hesitancy in booking a holiday currently.  We have now removed our cancelation policy entirely, meaning you can access a full refund prior to delivery should circumstances change.

I have my own boots, does this save me money?

Yes, $4 a day.

Do you charge my Credit Card now? Is my Credit Card safe online?

You can simply choose to pay up front or a 10% deposit at time of booking, the balance will be deducted from the same credit card after delivery (unless you specify otherwise). Your credit card is safe with us we use SSL encryption and employ 'Eway' a 3rd party PCI compliant gateway to handle payments. No credit card details are stored by Snopro Ltd.

What does the equipment insurance cover?

It covers accidental damage to equipment (top sheet scratches, core shots while skiing etc). It does not cover malicious damage (skiing on the road!) or complete loss (theft or misplaced). If you decide against our insurance be aware the minimum charge for damaged equipment is $75.

Do you offer NZ Ski Passes for Coronet and The Remarkables?

Not yet sorry. We are always in discussion with NZSki on this matter. Watch this space.

Can you teach my wife/husband/kids to ski?

You're on your own there!

Snopro ski rental delivery explained

Snopro ski hire delivery Queenstown & Wanaka, NZ. Custom fitted ski & snowboard rental in the comfort of your accommodation. We return for support and pick up!

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