We introduced a ‘Deluxe Boot’ upgrade to increase performance and comfort.

Performance. Comfort. Warmth. 

Will it make my skiing better?

The Deluxe Boot is packed full of features and technology that creates a high-performance yet comfortable ski day.

Slimmer yet stronger boot design provides a superior foot hug while ensuring maximum heel hold.

Its 4 buckle set up combined with an athletic shell structure stiffens the flex of the ski boot allowing proficient skiers to generate more power and stability.

Up your game instantly with a 40% flex advantage over a standard ski boot thanks to supportive performance.

Reduced weight, walk mode and gripped rockered soles keep you in the zone no matter where you are on the mountain.

Comfortably drop the kids off at ski school before clipping into ski mode and ripping the morning groomers.

Become agile and featherlike in the soft powder with lightweight sensor grid technology.

Stay slip free no matter where you end up, whether it’s in the bar after a long day or clambering up some off-piste lines.

Endless reasons to love these boots.

Are you ready for a boot to help you crush it all day every day? Book now.


Is the Deluxe Boot right for me?

The Deluxe Ski Boot is designed for intermediate to advanced who want some added performance.

Skiers who crave power and precision on the mountain.

It’s not an overpowering foot crushing race boot or a lightweight touring modification.

It’s simply a good boot for good skiers.

Whether you’re just trying to stay ahead of the ‘No fear, high gear’ youngsters on our Tweener Series or looking to pin yourself in for big turns, the Deluxe Boot will give you an edge.


An added bonus

At Snopro we really want to give you the best ski holiday possible, one seamless experience from booking, to delivery, to on the mountain. With that in mind, we add aftermarket footbeds to all Deluxe Boots.

Sidas insoles provide one finishing touch that can’t be underestimated.

The Sidas Winter Warmth Footbed matches the interior performance with the exterior performance of the ski boot.

Added arch support ensures you deliver maximum power and technique to turns.

Padding and cushioning keep your foot comfortable throughout the day.

Thermal lining rejects the cold even on the harshest day helping to keep your toes toastie.

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