Delicious freshly cooked food, hot tubs, Swedish massage and freshly waxed skis. What do they all have in common?

All the ingredients to a relaxing winter getaway AND all things you can have delivered to your accommodation in Queenstown.

The last thing you want to do after a long day on the slopes is venture out into the cold evening or head into a busy town centre.

It’s time to relax and let great things come to you.

If there’s one thing we know about at Snopro, it’s delivery. We spend our winters delivering ski hire in Queenstown, so we’ve picked our favourite companies providing more awesome service to your door!


Food On Q

Why do we all love a good takeaway so much?

No cooking, no washing up, the comfort of your own surroundings, or is it just that food is better when someone else does the cooking?

Who knows, it’s great though.

Well, takeaways just hit a whole new level in Queenstown thanks to Food On Q!

You can get all the best freshly cooked grub from around town delivered to your door.

My mouth is already watering just reading the list of iconic food names offering delivery with Food On Q.

Atlas, Bella Cucina, Hell Pizza and Taco Medic to name a few favourites.

What we love about Food On Q is that it’s not just any old takeaway delivery, it goes a step further to deliver restaurant quality food to your door in less than an hour!

“For one of the most restaurant dense locations in the world, Queenstown completely lacked food delivery options. Food On Q was created to solve this problem and provide restaurant quality meals to the locals and tourists alike. Through our proprietary logistics and front end development software, we provide an extremely easy, efficient service to tens of thousands of people a year.”


Spa Hire Queenstown

You really can get everything delivered now, including your own private hot tub.

Spa Hire Queenstown helps you put the finishing touches to any stunning location.

In fact, it’s the perfect addition to your Queenstown accommodation after a day’s skiing. You can relax the tired muscles while looking out over Lake Wakatipu and beyond, or lay back under the twinkling stars with a cold beer.

“Your own private spa pool setup at your Queenstown accommodation; the perfect way to unwind and relax after an action packed day.  Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, under starry skies and all in a secluded location.”

Choose between a 4 or 6 seater pool with powerful air jets and 42 degree heat providing a soothing, whisper quiet experience. Then just simply relax as everything is delivered, setup and heated for you.


Body Sanctum

So you’ve got a good feed, warmed up in a spa pool, there’s one more thing to complete an ultra zen evening.


Add to your relaxation, free the muscles after a long ski day with the Body Sanctum mobile massage service.

Turn your hotel room, lodge or villa into a private spa treatment.

You can thank me later once the aches and pains soothingly exit your body.

Melt into a Swedish massage with long flowing traditional strokes or even gear up the muscles with a deep tissue sports massage to invigorate your ski legs ahead of another big day.

“Therapeutic massage in the comfort of your hotel room or home. Our friendly team of experienced mobile massage therapists are committed to providing a professional, therapeutic massage (deep tissue massage, couples massage, relaxation massage to name a few) of the highest quality.”

Of course, there’s one last thing to be delivered for complete relaxation during a ski trip to Queenstown.

Your ski rental!

The Snopro ski rental delivery service isn’t going to fill your stomach or soothe the muscles but it guarantees to remove the stress of ski hire.

No standing in long queues, lugging ski gear around or even finding a parking space.

It’s simply ski rental delivered and custom fitted in the comfort of your luxury accommodation with high-quality equipment and 5-star service.

You can enjoy more of your precious holiday time with your loved ones rather than worrying about lugging your ski gear around. Snopro even returns for free follow up support and collection once you’re finished.

All you have to do is go skiing!

“I can’t recommend Snopro highly enough. They make kitting out the family with ski and snowboard gear absolutely effortless. Book online, Snopro turn up to your accommodation with your boots, skis etc then collect them again at the end of your trip. Easy!”

Enjoy restaurant food thanks to Food On Q, bubble away in a spa pool from Spa Hire Queenstown, ease the muscles with a Body Sanctum massage and avoid rental shop queues with Snopro Ski Rental Delivery, all without setting a foot outside the front door.

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