Snopro has just landed their latest snowboard brand to the fold, we are excited to now offer Arbor Snowboards for hire in Queenstown and Wanaka.

So for all you boarders,  greenies, or gear lovers in general let’s explore this brand that focused on sustainability before sustainability was a word.

About Arbor

Arbor Collective has been designing snowboards with our earth in mind for 25 years now.

Delving into some uncharted territory for the snowboard industry, when Arbor became one of the first Action sports brands to focus on the environment.

The ultimate Grandaddy in sustainability if you will.

And as pioneers in this craft, it’s not hard to say that their dedication to the environment over the years has resulted in some workmanship that we should all fizz over.

Not just for the eco-friendly, but their ever-evolving fusion between technology, performance, and sustainability.

Arbor Snowboards For Hire Queenstown

The Tech, The Green & Everything In Between

Arbor’s aim to reduce their footprint has resulted in some mint tech and natural material alternatives over the years.

Sourcing their wood sustainability from local farms, and pioneering the use of bamboo (being a rapidly renewable material and all.)

They’ve also forgone any reliance on plastics, using their bio counterparts instead, and for the board edges – recycled steel.

The Powerply

This moves us onto the star of the show,  Arbor’s iconic wooden top sheet – the Powerply.

This beauty makes it hard to miss any one of Arbors’ boards on the mountain, even if you’re sending it.

And there’s a reason why.

The beautiful hand-crafted top sheet creates a thing of natural wooden beauty in a world (or mountain,) of plastic.

The forward-thinking design of the Powerply doesn’t just extend to pretty craftsmanship either. Playing a huge role in the performance and durability of the board too.

The Powerply sheet acts as a third composite layer, with biodegradable natural fibers both reducing the weight of the board AND Arbor’s dependence on petroleum-based resins, man-made fibers, and solvents.

Killing two birds with one stone, or as PETA puts it ‘feeding two birds with one scone’ (performance and sustainability.)


Arbor Snowboards For Hire in Queenstown

Keeping all this in mind, it’s not really a surprise that we decided to get on board with Arbor. (I couldn’t resist I’m sorry.)

But our reasoning goes further than getting behind an awesome quality brand.

The Arbor Mystic was the first board that our Snopro founder Justin was ripping 15 years ago as an instructor in Steamboat Springs.

Arbor Mystic

Now, 15 years and a ski rental delivery business later, Arbor has remained well and truly fresh on Justin’s mind.

So what better not to do than introduce them to our fleet of Premier Boards. 

Fresh in the line up we have the Swoon, Poparazzi, Element, Formula, Westmark and Candence Rocker Arbor boards available for hire in Queenstown and Wanaka.

Get one of these beauties reserved now on request through our Premier Snowboard Package.




[avatar] Author: Millie Simpson